The Quilter's Faire

Store: Toy Shop Color: Light Green

Susan's Quilt Paradise

Store: Book Shop Color: Dark Blue

Orange Quilt Bee

Store: Flower Shop Color: Red

Sewn Together

Store: Bakery Color: Tan/Beige

Cozy Creative Center

Store: Post Office Color: Rust

Quilt 'n Things Fiber Arts

Store: Ice Cream Shop Color: Light Blue

Quilt Emporium

Store: Pet Shop Color: Orange

Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Co.

Store: Candy Store Color: Yellow

The Hive

Store: Photo Studio Color: Gray

Inspirations Quilt Shop

Store: Travel Agency Color: White

Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations

Store: Coffee House Color: Brown

The Sew N Sew

Store: Dress Shop Color: Pink

Sewn Together

Store: Bakery Color: Tan/Beige